25. marraskuuta 2019

Elean kuulumisia

Hyvaa paiva !
Hello everyone!

I´ve been here in Anjala for four months. So now it’s time to present myself.
My name is Eléa, I’m from France. I’m doing a European Solidarity Corps from August 2019 to June 2020. So as a volunteer I’m working in the youth center of Anjala.  

My main mission is to help the instructors. For that I can set up the program, instruct or do whatever the instructor needs. I spend very nice time here. Every week I can discover a lot of energetic and positive youngsters.
There are so much programs that every week is a different one!

For me the highlight of this season is to plan and organize this “Christmas Event”. With other volunteers from Kouvola we met twice in the Youth Center. During these two days we invented and planned some activities. We also cleaned, created and decorated. We can´t wait to be Thursday, it´s always very nice and exciting to see how will happen the event we made and thought together.

In this period of the year – winter time – I´m going with one instructor in schools. We instruct the program “Nature school day”. We talk about water and its different forms. The main goal is to sensibilize the children about the water´s issues.

Few weeks ago, we moved in a new building. All the staff was super exciting about this, and of course me too. They were waiting this for a long time and finally the day came. Now we have more space, modern and safe building.

You are welcome to come to see it by our own. Don’t hesitate and come to eat in the delicious restaurant.

Hope to see you !