16. tammikuuta 2013

Leiritunnelmia Anjalasta

Tammikuun alussa Anjalassa oli leireilemässä lapsia ja nuoria Pietarista. Heillä oli ohjelmassa monenlaista toimintaa englannin opiskelusta lumikenkäilyyn ja lasketteluun. Nuoret kirjoittivat englannin tunneilla pieniä päiväkirjamerkintöjä ja postikortteja leirin tunnelmista, tässä niistä muutamia.

Dear Diary,

I am really surprised with “Anjala, Winter 2013”. The activities were so interesting and extraordinary, so I did it with a lot of pleasure.
What about my new friends… So I met a great number of them here. And also are there some friends, which are really interesting and kind, so I’ll miss them a lot.
One thing I really hated here were the sleepless nights and getting up early. I have bruises under my eyes, but I don’t regret it – It was amazing to spent our nights for chatting with girls and watching movies.
Finland nature is thrilling and captivating. You know… I just want to say “Thanks” for Anjala. I am really sad, that I won’t have any opportunity to come back and see it again.


Dear Diary,

In Anjala I made a lot of new friends. I met them, as soon as I got into the bus. And today we still have fun together.
We play a lot of games, talk a lot, walking out and just laugh for hours at silly things.
We also investigated the nature. For example climbing mountains :D
Skiing, walking in the forest and going to a graveyard in the evening, photocross and more were also part of the outside activities.
All those things were a lot of fun and very interesting.
I am happy that my first camp I visited was Anjala :3

Dear Kate,

I wanted to write you, as soon as I arrived in Anjala and the bus door was opened. But I couldn’t because I was so busy.
On the first day in Anjala I made a lot of new friends. It felt like I met them already many years ago and we became very good friends at last.
Since the second day I have English lessons. I thought that it’s difficult and boring but it isn’t. It’s so amazing and funny. I really like it J
We also have funny activities. We were skiing and had archery. But the most interesting part was an excursion to a graveyard in a dark forest. Today we will climb some mountains and I hope it will be successfully :3
I am not regretting this trip and I hope I will return to Anjala again.

Best Wishes,


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