22. heinäkuuta 2014

Kotka Trip and International Evening!

On Saturday we took a train to Kotka. None knew about the town but when we got there we found an interesting place. First, we visited the museum, where we discovered the historical objects about the history of Finland. There was a bat section where we could make origami by ourselves. It was a fantastic experience!! After that, we went to the roof of the museum, where we could appreciate the landscape very different from our countries. Then, we walked for a long time to find the park and the sea, although it was worth it because we could swam in the sea. Actually, the sea was very dirty and there were a lot of sharp rocks, but it was a funny moment. At the end of the day, we arrived to Anjala very exhausted but we still had energy to sing and dance.

                      Next day, we had free time, so we had time to cook a traditional dish from our country because we celebrated an international evening. We met in the sauna and there, we tasted every dish that we had cooked before. Most of us were the first time we made it, so it was a bit hard. Eventually, it was all delicious!! There were many kinds of meals: main dishes like “cig kofte” and also desserts like a blueberry cake. And it helped us to know other cultures and learn about the typical food of the workmates’ countries. Apart from that, we enjoyed the sauna and even some of us showed pictures of our hometown.

                      Definitely, it was nice to have dinner together and spend a lovely time to discover new cultures. We went to bed very tired because it was a long and amazing weekend!!

- Azat and Carmen-

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