26. heinäkuuta 2014

The work camp ends, new friendships are just beginning!

Tarzan was such an amazing adventure! When Minna said us that we had to know Tarzan everybody though we had to keep working but people got surprised when after taking a walk into the forest they realised they didn’t have to work, otherwise they had to go to the top of a tree and falling down from there, of course everybody fasten with ropes! We had two opportunities to fall, personally I wanted to jump from the top, I mean 10 m high! Everything was going right but when I was lifted to the top of the tree I had some problems to take the rope off to fall, owing to that problem I had to use my two hands and falling without holding anything! I seemed superman! HAHAHAHAHA :D
- Manel -

Workcamp last day. Actually, Everything was very surprising and new thing to me. So few days I’m very confused about me. but time is very fast and many friends helping me.
This workcamp give to lots of experience. Thanks for activity, I was Tazan and I ride canoe and helping other people and our region. It is very precious time every moment. I learned from this workcamp lots of thing. So Thank you for everything. 
- JouKyoung -

This summer's work camp has come to an end and the campers will be heading home from Anjala.
A big "thank you" to each and every one of you for taking part. Hopefully you will go home with many wonderful experiences, memories and new friendships!

KIITOS Manel, Carmen, Cara, Joukyoung, Mathieu, Azat, Efe, Yin-Yu, Monika, Henna-Mari and Roosa!

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