19. heinäkuuta 2014

Work and singing practices - Töitä ja laulutreenejä

Kahvitauko - that’s one part of Finnish culture that we’ve already discovered and it means “coffee break”. We’ve also discovered some kind of Finnish candies and made competitions of who can eat most of those weird things.

The work in the apple tree garden and in the forest was quite hard but with a lot of teamwork and breaks we’ve made it and now it’s over !!! 

We had the opportunity to do something different and less hard than the rest of the group. We just had to fix some flower boxes, plant flowers and then clean the Kota in order to spend a nice evening there.

Another project is going to be the flash mob which we will use to promote our International Picnic next week. So we had to learn a song called “The lion sleeps tonight” from The Lion King movie. Therefore we translated the lyrics into nine languages and tried to learn how to sing it. But that’s not the only difficulty because we also had to play homemade instruments at the same time.

On Thursday afternoon we presented this song in the Anjala elderly house. We also went to Anjala church where the residents could receive the holy supper and listen to the “short” presentation about the church. This was a very special occasion since this was the first time in ages they could go to the church to get the supper because it’s really hard to organize such an event. Although it is sometimes difficult to read old people’s feelings, we really hope that they enjoyed the trip as much as we did.
To relax after this busy day, we watched The Lion King movie, ate some popcorn and chips in the evening.

After Roosa’s explanations we also started a new game which will last during the whole camp. Everybody has a secret friend who that person has to be nice to. This can be done, for example, by delivering short messages or small gifts.

After all, we had an amazing week here with awesome people that will certainly turn out to be an event we will always remember, but right now we are just looking forward to spending a relaxed evening in a Finnish sauna !

-Cara and Mathieu-

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