17. heinäkuuta 2014

Let's get to work!

This summer we are again hosting an international work camp with Allianssi (Finnish Youth Cooperation-organisation). The camp lasts for two weeks, and we have participants from eight different countries, including the Finnish instructors.The camp members started arriving to Anjala on Monday. On the first day the participants got to know each other and the area of Anjala and Inkeroinen. On the second day the work  got started in a very hot Finnish summer weather. Here are some thoughts of the first days from two camp members, Yin Yu and Efe.

Although when i wake up today i fell back ache, i fell really good now. we have work together and sing the song. i’m looking forward to showing the people about our show. Last night, we have sauna and I think it is really a good experience for me. we play game in sauna house, by the game we know each other more.
- Yin Yu -

When I first come here I was very nervous I didn’t know what to do and don’t have any idea about the people in the camp. Then I met with people everyone is vey nice in here. I was very surprised when I first saw our dormitory it is very big and beautiful. We went to swimming in the first day of our camp it was at a late time but the sun doesn’t go down early in here so it wasn’t a problem to go swimming at night. Second day we worked a lot we cot down some grass and made big hay piles. We went to sauna after got exhausted it was the best thing in the camp. The food in the is very good also
- Efe - 

Bicycle tríp to Inkeroinen

Playing "Mölkky"

Project in the apple garden

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