15. heinäkuuta 2013

In touch with Finnish heritage - Päiväretkellä Verlassa

Trip to Verla, which is one of the Unesco´s world heritage sites. The industrial complex dates from the early years of the finnish wood processing industry and is today working as a museum.

12th July

The last night we spent in sauna for the three time and also last time for us. We enjoyed it like everytime. Indeed we will miss sauna. Today we went to visit paper factory in Verla, so we had to get up earlier than usually. Hanna took us for ‘’two kilometre- long’’ walk to forest. She wanted to show us finnish culture so we made shortcut through bushes. And we could fell touch of finnish nature on our own skin. When we were returning to Anjala with bus Ali and Gorkem took control of the driver seat. They tried to changed the bus to the night club. Unfortunately for day light they failed. After that when we came back, we took our bikes and rapidly continued to Emma’s farm. There we ride on horses. For someone it was for the first time in their life. The plan for tonight is finnish night, but we don’t know what will happen, because it’s secret.

Eliska and Ali

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