6. heinäkuuta 2013

Työviikko huipentui Havumetsien Tarzaniin

Friday 5th July

"Last night most of the group cycled to a local lake in order to go swimming. This was an undeniably new experience for the majority of the group; none of whom had gone swimming in a Scandinavian lake before.
Friday was a special day in the camp as it offered an opportunity for us to wash our well worn and decidedly smelly clothes.

Unsurprisingly to those of you reading this, we woke at 7 30 and had breakfast. During the day, the use of the phrase “Work Camp” was questioned.  After carrying chairs out of the gymnasium in order to prepare for a “family meeting” (the meaning of which may have been lost in translation) we continued work on both the orchard and flower boxes for two hours. This was difficult work but incredibly short for a group who volunteered to “work” on a camp.

After work and a typical Anjala lunch we went to the “Tarzan” area. This area is a semi suicidal swing from a 10 metres high tree. Our fortunes were summed up by Noemie very simply: “today was a good day; no-one died”.

Following the afternoon’s fun we took advantage of the unpredictably hot weather and returned to the lake. Nuria introduced the group to a Spanish ball game with potentially violent outcomes. Noemie’s swimming abilities were impressive and her ability to travel distances under filthy water were unrivalled. Whilst laying on the “beach” we began to plan a group trip to Helsinki on the 13th of July; details of which will be provided on this blog next week!

Over dinner, Ali Ekim’s interpretations of Turkish “culture” became ever more comic. His decision to eat with an oversized serving spoon because “this is what we do in Turkey, man” left the group giggling uncontrollably. 

This evening we have a barbecue planned, for which a shopping trip is required. A full report will be given tomorrow."

Alex and Nuria

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