15. heinäkuuta 2013

Once more around the bonfire - Hyvästit työleirille nuotiotulilla!

After Finnish olympics the last evening in Anjala was spend around the fire. Työleirin viimeinen ilta Anjalassa kului kisaillen ja nuotion äärellä Suomi-muistoja maistellen.
12th July 
Later on, we followed Hanna and Henrika to participate to the Finnish Olympics. We were divided in two teams and needed to fight among the unbelievable challenges to win the prize.
The challenges were really difficult for us, poor foreign volunteers. We had to through boots, to walk in Nordic style, to kill some mosquitoes and to eat all the Finnish traditional food (mämmi, lakritsi, etc.)
After that, we went to Kota to cook some tikkupulla on the fire.
The evening ended happily quite late, everybody around the bonfire, already regretting that we had to leave the next morning after those incredible two weeks.
But we wanted to end that blog with a big KIITOS to Anjala Nuorisokeskus.

Romina from Belgium, Veronica and Nuria from Spain, Eliska and Adriana from Czech, Gorkem and Ali Ekin from Turkey, Marwin from Germany, Alex from England, Minseop from Korea, Noémie from France, and our locals Laura and Monika from Finland.

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