10. heinäkuuta 2013

Jokimelontaa suurkanooteilla työn lomassa

Uudet suurkanootit pääsivät neitsytmatkalle Kymijoelle.

Monday, 8.7.2013

Today was Monday. Everyone knows that Mondays are the worst day in the week, we know that in Spain, in Deutschland and they also know that in Turkey. But we are positive people and, although there is just one week left, we woke up this morning with loads of energy, and as always, we started eating. After breakfast Hannah and Arrrrttu and KAI joined us and explained that we had to change the beds for some new ones, so we started the morning with the beautiful task of carrying with the old beds in our shoulders. So we built the new beds inside the rooms and after that, Hannah told us to bring inside the old beds we had put outside!!! To sum up, girls have a bed in their living room.

Then we had lunch, and the menu was: violently smashed potatoes, and small sausages. We have to admit we miss the carrot cake more than we miss our moms.

After lunch, it was nap time before going to ride the canoes.

We went to the Kymi river and we divided the group in two, group 1 and group 2. In group one was Pia on the front and in group 2 one of our Turkish volunteers, Ali. It was all done, the only thing was that group 2 had some special ideas about how to ride the canoe. This was why group 1 had sometimes to wait a bit. But at least we are all saved. No one died. So it was a good day.

Then we went back to the rooms and we soon had lunch. It seemed we were at the international night, because we had Mexican Tacos for dinner!! Gorkem is doing a great job tagging the volunteers on facebook one by one, so we actually recognize his work. Dinner sometimes turns into intense Turkish lessons. We want to thank Professor Ali and Doctor Gorkiam for their hard work at the dinning hall.

At eight we will go to Sauna, so… yes, we can say it was a very stressful Monday!!

Vero and Marwin, Spain and Deutschland
To river Kymi with new canoes.

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