3. heinäkuuta 2013

Kulttuurit kylään Anjalaan!

Kansainvälinen työleiri toi 10 nuorta maailmalta vapaaehtoistyöhön Anjalaan heinäkuun alussa. Nuorisokeskus Anjala isännöi työleiriä ensimmäistä kertaa yhteistyössä Suomen Nuorisoyhteistyö Allianssi ry:n kanssa. Nuoret työskentelevät viitenä päivänä viikossa noin 7,5 tunnin ajan ja vastineeksi  nuorisokeskus tarjoaa majoituksen täysihoidolla. Iältään 17-24 –vuotiaat  työleiriläiset pääsevät myös kokeilemaan Anjalan ohjelmia, kuten melontaa Kymijokimaisemissa ja Anjalan Tarzania,  liitoa köysien havupuiden oksistossa, tutustumaan maatilan töihin sekä tietenkin suomalaiseen saunaan. Seuraamme leiriläisten kuulumisia, tänään heitä haastatellaan paikallislehteen ja radioon!
Tervetuloa Meille!

Työleiri tutustui Anjalaan pyöräillen!

Multicultural work camp in Anjala

International work camp brought 10 young people from all over the world to Anjala in the beginning of July. Youth Centre Anjala is proud to host the international work camp for the first time in co-operation with Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi. The young volunteers will work aproximately 7,5 hours per day and for that they will receive board and lodging. The visitors age from  17 to 24 will be able to  try out the adventurous programs of Youth Centre Anjala, such as canoe trip by the river and Anjala’s Tarzan with hanging ropes by the treetops.  They will also get to work at a farm and ofcourse visit finnish sauna.
We will keep track what happens with the campers, today they will be intervued by local press and radio!
Welcome to Anjala!

Tässä ensimmäisten päivien tunnelmia/ Here is what happened the first days in Anjala:

  Tuesday 2nd July

"Today was the first day of activities : we woke up at seven o’ clock, and we had breakfast at the canteen. Later we got to know the place, with the guidance of Hannah and Noémie.
Hannah showed us a presentation about their work in the camp how they are organized and who are the beneficiaries of the projects they work on.

Hannah continued showing us the places around the camp, and also where we are going to work the following days. Not much later we had lunch at the canteen.

Soon we played a volleyball match, and basketball too. Later we had the opportunity of taking the bicycles and Hannah and other members of the staff guided us around Anjala and Inkeroinen. After that we rode to some shops around Anjala and we also to a nice lake where we are going to swim the next days.

Then a man asked us to carry down with some canoes, the same that we are going to use the next days and we ate some strawberries.

We went to cafeteria to drink a coffee and had a nice conversation.
Then Noemie had planned for us some activities and games to get to know each other. We are thirteen people from different countries: Turkey, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, England and Finland too.

At five we have dinner. And later we are going to enjoy the sauna that belongs to the camp zone; and that would be the end of this first day in Anjala Workcamp…it has started quite good isn’t it?"

Marwin and Veronica from Germany and Spain

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