12. heinäkuuta 2013

Robin Hood and other games - Pelaillen viikon päätteeksi

Leiriläiset kehittivät Nuorisokeskukselle uusia kansainvälisiä pelejä ja pääsivät kokeilemaan keskuksen suosittua jousiammuntaa.

11th July
Following our international night, Ali’s attempts to turn our small kitchen into a “nightclub” collapsed into a mix of “Dad dancing”, poor music and a solitary disco ball supplemented by two laser pointers. The group concluded that this was exactly what nightclubs are normally like and promptly left for bed.

Today, potentially surprisingly for the loyal readers, we woke at 9am. This gift of sleep was as a result of the overwhelming success of last night’s festivities. Following our late start Alex made an attempt at cooking breakfast. This is always a difficult task using one pan and leftover food but nonetheless successful in the eyes of hungry consumers.

During the (short) morning we completed our work on the orchard. In our two weeks here it has been transformed from an overgrown jungle into a surface prepared for Sunday picnics in the sun.

After the typical lunch we were tasked with writing down the rules to numerous national games. Nuria and Veronica made the best of a situation sadly lacking in bulls by introducing the group to Balon Prisionero, a dodge ball like ball game. Minseop succeeded in teaching something original to the group through the explanation of Korean wrestling. Although volunteers to take part were limited, our brief experience was enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. For comic value, Gorkam and Ali forced the group into a bizarre dodge ball massacre involving the majority of the group being penned into a small area and pelted with, thankfully, soft balls. Other games saw an attempted explanation and execution, often to no success throughout a tiring three hour period, the end of which brought expansion into the scintillating field of archery.

Robin Hood (Ali) was almost shown up by our very own Maid Marian (Laura) in a competition that was sadly won according to the more traditional ending.

This evening we make our final visit to the Finnish sauna, an opportunity to relax before a busy Friday and our concluding weekend.

Alex and Nuria  

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