10. heinäkuuta 2013

Vapaalla pesäpalloa ja puistoretkiä!

Finnish weekend, baseball and blueberrypie!

Sunday 7th of July

Last night after dinner, we played some games and then half of the group decided that it was the perfect time to go fishing. At first we were digging the worms up and then we put the worms to the hooks and started fishing. Minseop was really lucky with choosing the right spot where to fish on, so he got fife fishes (after throwing two of them to the ground).  After fishing some of the girls went to boys apartment to play Twister and to listen to some music. Then somebody (the Turkish guys) had a crazy idea of going to the lake at 2 in the night.

Today most of us skipped the breakfast and slept in. But by lunch, everyone of us had gotten up from the bed and was at the lunch. After the lunch Noemie introduced us the plans for next week and then we went by train to Kouvola. Thanks to Laura¸ we had free tickets to the baseball game. After the baseball game, we went to Laura’s place to eat blueberry pie and korvapuusti. Then we came back to Anjala.

Monika and Adriana
Viikonloppuna työleiriläiset nauttivat pesäpallosta ja mustikkapiirakasta.


Saturday 6th July

How it was said in the last report, we had barbecue in Kota yesterday evening. When we successfully made fire, we baked some sausages, but also marshmallows and bananas with chocolate. And of course we can’t forget on beef for Turkish boys. We got into the beds after midnight, which wasn’t really good for our trip on Saturday morning. But everyone was ready on the time and we caught the train to Kotka at 9. Kotka is town by Baltic Sea. It’s small but beautiful town. We tested the temperature of sea and we decided to stay on the edge. We chose the beach for lunch place. We shared our meal with ducklings and seabirds. Like in everywhere else ducks were hungry. It was big fight between mother of ducklings, what she was trying to protect them, and seabirds. But everyone survived. Then Gorkem became the leader for 15 minutes. After that we realised, that he didn’t know where we were going and had no idea where we were. So Laura and Monika, our Finnish girls, took control of the group. We didn’t miss our coffee break, which was in a café, where they have water with strawberries. We had also some time to make some shop in the mall. In 14 o’clock we caught our train back to Anjala. So we won’t miss dinner! Although this nice journey, it wasn’t so good day, because Alex could be arrested. He wanted to try to climb on stairs, which lead from windows of Finnish houses. But fortunately he is still with us. Maybe next time man!

Eliska and Ali Ekin

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