10. heinäkuuta 2013

Maitotilalla lypsyapulaisina!

Työleiri autteli lypsykarjatilalla nuorisokeskuksen naapurissa.

Tuesday 9th july

Yesterday evening we went to sauna for the second time. It was as good as the first one. We spent many time into the sauna but also in the living room where we had an interesting social and politic debate which ended because we were too tired to go on fighting. No one got hurt, we are still friends so it was a good evening.

Today’s plan was to visit two farms, so after the daily breakfast we split in two groups. The first one was: Monika, Ali, Adriana, Veronica, Minseop, Marwin, Arrrrttu and Noémie. We went to the caw’s farm where we had the chance the feed the caws, milk them, and tried to catch them in the field. We also helped with cleaning the milking machines and the stables, using our favourite tool: the kotticarry.

The second group was: Laura, Gorkem, Eliska, Nuria, Alex, Romina and Hanna. We went to the horses farm where we saw 3 horses. In the morning, we carried outside some beds and everyone had a “déjà-vu”. After lunch, we painted a house in pink so now Barbie and Ken can live happily ever after in Anjala.
Emma, the owner of the farm backed some delicious blueberry and chocolate cackes. We are starting to get use to good food.

Now, everybody is quite tired after this long day at the farm and we don’t know yet how we’ll spend this evening.
Adriana and Romina
Cleaning the milking machines, what an experience!

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