4. heinäkuuta 2013

Työleiriläisten viikko on jatkunut vilkkaana:

Wednesday 3rd July

Keskiviikko kolmas heinakuuta

Keskiviikkona päästiin tositoimiin! Working hard!

"Today was the first day of work. We got up at 8, we had a big breakfast and we met at 9 for work. In the morning we split in two groups: Gorkem, Naomi, Laura, Adriana, Nuria, Monika and Eliska carried some sand to the “adventure trail” and Ali Ekin, Veronica, Minsoep, Alex, Marwin and Romina started to make the flowerboxes. We cut the wood, drill and screwed the wood. At the end on the morning we almost have had done one box, the sand was spread and we even could try the “adventure trail”.
At 11:30 we had lunch. The salmon was really delicious.
After lunch, a journalist came to interview us about the organisation, the work camp, volunteering and our expectations in general. Tomorrow the article will be in the local newspaper.
In the afternoon we switched the teams and continued the job. During the box making, we lost a pin of the drill and spent some time looking for it in the gravel. Luckily, Nuria found it.
At 2 we had a sunny coffee break. After that, another box was ready and both are painted. This time we spread the sand in the wood and behind the sauna.
The mosquitoes and flies followed and bite us all day long. 
It was quite warm all the day even if there were some clouds."

Romina and Gorkem

Matalaharjoiterataa kokeilemassa. On adventure trail.

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